How To Install A Washing Machine Drain Pan

How To Install A Washing Machine Drain Pan


Set the drain pan on the floor where the washing machine will be installed. Knock out the plug on the side of the drain pan. Insert

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the hose attachment through the side and secure with the retaining screw. Slide a hose over the drain nipple and secure with a clamp. Run

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the other end of the hose into a floor drain.


Have an assistant help you lift the washing machine up and gently set it into the drain pan. Take care not to crack the plastic as you do so.


Wrap both the washing machine inlets and water provide outlets with PTFE plumber’s tape. Trim off any excess. Connect a washer hose to the hot water inlet on the washing machine. Connect the other end towards the hot water provide. You can identify the hot water provide either by the color coding (red) or by feeling the pipe. Connect the cold water inlet towards the cold water supply with the other hose. Tighten the couplings on the end with the pliers.


Connect the washing machine drain hose. Insert the gooseneck end of the washing machine hose into the vertical drain pipe. Secure with a plastic cable tie or piece of wire.


Level the machine. Place the spirit level on the front of the washerHow to Install a Washing Machine Drain Pan, facing you. Adjust the washer legs with the wrench, one at a time, until the machine is level.


Plug the washing machine into an available outletHow to Install a Washing Machine Drain Pan.


Run a small test load of laundry on the machine. Adjust the legs if needed to keep the washer level. Tighten any hose couplings if needed.

How To Install A Washing Machine Drain Pan

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