Differences Between A Crib Pad & A Mattress

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Differences Between A Crib Pad & A Mattress

Innerspring Crib Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are the most common type of mattress for a crib. An innerspring mattress is made up of layers, including a layer of coils, an insulating layer and cushioning layers. Look for an innerspring mattress with a nice, thick layer of foam cushioning that is comfortable yet firm. Whether you choose an innerspring or foam mattress, look for one with a vinyl cover that is the correct size for your crib.

Foam Crib Mattresses

A good-quality foam mattress, which is made of polyurethane foam, should be dense and firmDifferences Between a Crib Pad & a Mattress. Look to get a foam mattress that holds its shape well when you press on it, which is a sign that it will hold up well throughout the years that your baby will use it. In the past, foam mattresses have been considered subpar, but there are many high-quality foam mattresses available now by well-known companies, such as Colgate and Kolcraft.

Fitted Crib Pads

The fitted type of crib pad covers the mattress and fits snugly over
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the sides of the mattress, similar to a standard mattress pad for an adult bed. The benefits of a fitted crib pad are the it will stay in place underneath a crib sheet and it will cover

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the entire mattress. Fitted crib pads are available with several style options, such as quilted, organic cotton, flannel and waterproof. A thick high-quality mattress pad from a reputable company, such as Sealy, will add comfort for your baby and will protect the crib mattress from leaky diapers or other spills.

Flat Crib Pads

Flat crib pads also lay on the top of a crib mattress, like a fitted pad, but they don’t have stretchy material that fits over the side of the mattress. A flat crib pad just covers the top of the mattress and you simply lay it on top of the mattress before you put the sheet on. They come with the same style options as fitted crib pads and can have the same benefitsDifferences Between a Crib Pad & a Mattress. Flat crib pads are often slightly less expensive than fitted crib pads, though.

Differences Between A Crib Pad & A Mattress

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