How To Sew A Crib Dust Ruffle

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Measure and cut your fabric for the base in the dust ruffleHow to Sew a Crib Dust Ruffle.
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To do this, measure the support rack for the baby’s crib – this really is the piece that goes under the mattress. Add two inches for the length and width with the measurements you took, and cut one particular piece of fabric to match these dimensions.



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and cut the ruffled panels. For the extended sides from the crib, measure the width with the crib support rack and double it, then add two inches. Measure the distance from the bottom with the crib mattress in its standard position towards the floor and add four inchesHow to Sew a Crib Dust Ruffle. Cut two pieces of fabric to match these measurements. For the short sides, repeat this process and cut two pieces to match these dimensions.


Sew the side seams on each ruffled piece. To do this, place the fabric on your ironing board together with the right side down. Fold a single side seam in by 1/2 inch and press, then fold in another 1/2 inch and press. Use straight pins to pin this fold in place, and repeat this process on the second short edge of this piece and both short edges on all of the other panel pieces. Sew the seams you pinned into place employing a straight stitch.


Sew the bottom hems on the panels. To do this, spot one piece of fabric on your ironing board together with the right side down. Fold up the bottom edge by 1/2 inch and press, then fold up by 2.five inches and press. Pin this seam in place and repeat the process on the other three panels. Use a straight stitch on your sewing machine to sew these seams.


Sew basting stitches on the best edges of your panel pieces. To do this, set your sewing machine to a extended straight stitch. Location 1 line of stitches 1/2 inch down from the prime edge of each panel and another line of stitches 1/2 inch down from your first line of stitches. Leave long tails when you cut your thread and tie the tails with each other on one side of each panel. Pull the threads on the other sides of each panel to gather the fabric till the panels are half as wide as they were originally.


Sew the gathered panels to the center piece. To do this, lay a single panel on top rated with the matching edge of the center piece with all the right sides facing. Center the panel on the center piece of fabric, 1/2 inch in from the raw edge of the fabric. Fold down the center piece’s raw edge by a 1/2 inch, then 1/2 inch again. Pin in place, and sew through the layers with the flat center piece along with the gathered panels; this will hide all of your raw edges. Repeat this process on all four sides and pin the side edges in in the corners and sew them as well. Unfold the piece to ensure that the gathered panels hang down the sides and position it under baby’s crib mattress.

How To Sew A Crib Dust Ruffle

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