How To Troubleshoot An Inglis Washing Machine

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Make sure the energy cord is still connected to its outlet; vibrations from the drum can work the cable loose. Unplug the appliance and check the outlet using a lamp. The fuse or breaker protecting the appliance may have tripped
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if the outlet doesn’t work. Plug the washer back in. After a few minutes without energy, the internal computer resets and clears minor software problems.


Go more than the settings you entered into the controls before your cycleHow to Troubleshoot an Inglis Washing Machine, as you might possibly have programmed a delayed start. Hold the button marked with a padlock or the word “Lock” for three seconds

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to cancel the child lock if your washing machine doesn’t accept any input. Lean against the door, making sure it clicks shut. The washing machine won’t start until the door is completely closed.


Slide the washing machine forward so you can see the water hoses. Check for kinks, twists or other restrictions, making sure the pipes don’t get blocked when you move the machine back in place. Don’t use third-party provide or drainage pipes; each pipe is a specific length for an Inglis washing machine. Make sure the hot and cold water valves are open.


Close the hot and cold valves and unscrew the supply pipes. Check the debris screens just inside the washing machine for signs of a blockage. Pour water by means of the pipes over a sink to check for major blockages. The washer won’t start unless it can draw water from the plumbing.


Reduce the size of the load, as the combined weight of all your fabrics may be too considerably for the washing machineHow to Troubleshoot an Inglis Washing Machine. Clean heavy duvets and blankets in a separate wash from your normal laundry. Never jam clothes into the drum–you risk damaging the motor.

How To Troubleshoot An Inglis Washing Machine

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