Neutral Nursery Themes

Yellow Baby Room Ideas

Zoo Theme

Use a mixture of different animals to create a wildlife

Choose Comfortable baby bedding

or zoo theme for a nursery. Apply an animal-themed wallpaper border or vinyl wall stickers to all four walls. Coordinate the colors with the crib bedding, lighting fixtures and other furniture and accessories within the room to the same colors. Choose colorful animal-shaped knobs for dresser drawers and cover the floor with a zoo-themed rug. Large, colorful giraffes, elephants, horses, monkeys, rhinoceroses, hippos and birds lend themselves well to a neutral nursery theme.

Character Theme

Movie, cartoon and book characters work well for nursery themes, especially those that are readily available in décor form. Winnie the Pooh is a gender-neutral character theme that is definitely available in both a classic version and a modern 1. Decorate the room making use of all in the characters from the story, relying on Pooh-themed decorating merchandise like bedding, wall decals, window clings, curtains, rugs and wallpaper to create a gender-neutral nursery. As the baby grows, focus on a gender-appropriate character, such as pink piglet for a girl or blue Eeyore for a boy.


Create a color palette based on either a day or night sky. Create a daytime sky with soft blue and white hues or possibly a night sky with silvers, deep blues and yellow. Paint the walls in a cloudy daytime theme or a nighttime starry theme, and then tie inside the rest of the furniture and décor with coordinating colors. Add other décor elements as you determine the baby’s gender, such as spaceships in a night sky for a boy or balloons and rainbows for a girl.

Tropical Fish

As tropical fish come in an array of different colors, this theme lends itself to use in a gender-neutral nursery. Paint the walls a light aqua-blue color and apply decals or hand paint seaweed, shells, coral and other undersea elements. Add fish to the walls

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in as many different colors as you canNeutral Nursery Themes, creating a rainbow of tropical fish swimming around the room. Fish themes are common, so you should possess a variety of coordinating décor elements at your disposal, including rugs, curtains, light fixtures, furniture, beddingNeutral Nursery Themes, drawer pulls and knobs.

Neutral Nursery Themes

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