How To Receive A Rebate For Buying A Washing Machine

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First, you have to understand the basics behind the Cash For Appliances program.

According to the Department of Energy, you can be eligible to receive a rebate ranging anywhere from $50-$200 for the purchase of any new energy efficient appliance. As mentioned before, appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, furnaces, water pumps, and central air conditioners all qualify for rebates.

Of course, the amount with the rebate will depend on the regulations set by your individual state. For example, Florida will rebate you 20% with the purchase price when states such as New York and California will give you a fixed price depending on the appliance. In New York for example, a washing machine can net you a $75 rebate.


Next, see if you can receive an additional rebate for recycling your old appliance.

Depending on the state you purchase the appliance in, you can receive an additional rebate by recycling your old appliance that you are replacing. This can give you an additional $75-$100 on top of what you already get back for the purchase of a brand new appliance. You can only receive this rebate if you are purchasing a new "energy efficient" appliance that shall be replacing the 1 you are recycling.


After that, figure out how an appliance qualifies for the rebate.

This article has mentioned "energy efficient" a few times but has not really explained what that meansHow to Receive A Rebate For Buying A Washing Machine. According for the Department of Energy, in order to qualify for the Cash For Appliances program,

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the individual appliance must be qualified and rated by ENERGY STAR. In the website for ENERGY STAR, you can get directed to stores that carry certain ENERGY STAR qualified products. Also, when shopping in a store for a washing machine, you can appear for the ENERGY STAR logo on the products information tag.


Finally, wait
for an eligible time period and make your purchase

AgainHow to Receive A Rebate For Buying A Washing Machine, individual states will regulate how the rebate process will work. Some states only have a 10 day window where you can purchase your appliance and receive the rebate although others are more flexible on the program. You will want to be sure that you know the rules and regulations for your state.

It is also important to weight your options carefully, if you don’t want a brand new washing machine and are just buying one particular for the rebate, then the Cash For Appliances program might not be best for you.

How To Receive A Rebate For Buying A Washing Machine

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