How to Level a Kenmore Washing Machine


Unplug the washing machine.


Prop up the front from the washer about four inches from the floor with a block of wood.


Screw the lock nut onto each foot from the washer. The lock nut ought to be at least 1 inch from the base.


Screw the feet into the holes in the front corners with the washer. The lock nut should touch the bottom from the washer. Do not tighten the lock nuts.


Remove the wood block from under the front from the washer and lower the washer until the feet are touching the floor.


Tilt the washer forward to allow the rear, self-adjusting feet to fall into place. Lower the washer back to the floor.


Place a level on the front edge of the leading in the machine. If the washer is not levelHow to Level a Kenmore Washing Machine, adjust the feet. Raise the front from the machine and turn the foot that is lower towards the left to give it extra height.


Lower the machine and recheck to see if it is level. Repeat steps 7 and 8 if important.


Put the level on the right side in the machine from back to front. Confirm that the machine is level. Repeat this step on the left side of the machine. When the machine is not level from front to back, tilt the machine forward
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and let the rear feet readjust themselvesHow to Level a Kenmore Washing Machine.


Use a wrench to tighten the lock nuts
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on the front feet tight for the cabinet from the washer.


Plug the washer back in.

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