How to create Crib Bumpers


At your local hobby shop, fabric shop or discount store, invest in 2 1/2 yards of quilting fabric in a baby pattern. If you already know the gender from the babyHow to produce Crib Bumpers, you can order a color traditional for either a boy or girl. If you don’t know the baby’s gender, or if you do not need to follow the “blue for boys” or “pink for girls” rule, you can choose a fabric pattern which would still fit within a baby’s nursery.Acquire a spool of mercerized cotton thread. You can choose a color that matches the color theme with the fabric you’ve chosen or you can choose a contrasting or complementing color.


Measure the length and width with the crib the bumper will be tied into and double those amounts so you will have two pieces each for the length and width in the bumperHow to make Crib Bumpers. Cut two pieces 12 inches high for the length; add 5/8 of an inch all the way around for the seam allowance. Do the exact same for the width–cut two pieces 12 inches high and add 5/8 of an inch on all four sides for the seam allowance. Pin a width piece to a length piece; do the same with the other width and length pieces.


Thread your sewing machine and fill a bobbin with enough of one’s thread for the crib bumper. Leaving a 5/8 inch seam allowance, sew one particular width to the length and back stitch about 1 inch. Repeat with the other two pieces.


Join among the remaining open width ends to certainly one of the remaining length ends–you will be joining the two pieces from the crib bumper together into a single unified piece. Leave the last side open so you will be able to sew edging and ties onto the bumper and custom-fit
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the bumper towards the baby’s crib.


Measure the whole length of the crib bumper, including the sewn-on width pieces. Cut 4 lengths 1 1/2 inches wide for the edging and carefully stitch a narrow hem on the every long side. Be sure you cut enough material for the edging
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so that you have an additional 20 inches for each piece.


Pin the edging on one particular side of the crib bumper and set the machine to the zig zag stitch. Stitch the edging, making sure to leave approximately 10 inches to get a tie to one particular side and leave an additional 10 inches near the middle of the bumper. Repeat for the remaining edgings. As you are stitching the remaining edgings towards the bumper, leave approximately 1/2 inch in among the stitching for 1 edging and the stitching for the next edging so you have enough space to tie the bumper towards the crib. Do the exact same for the remaining edgings. When you have finished sewing all 4 edgings for the bumper, you will have ties in the middle of each “length” side with the bumper, also as at every single corner, sufficient for securely tying the bumper for the crib. In this way, you can assure the baby won’t be able to slip his face under the edging.

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